E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce websites and solutions are becoming accepted within all sizes of company as a key opportunity to reach new markets and to better service existing ones. It is no longer just the pioneers that are interested, an estimated 22 billion was spent online in the UK in 2007 (Source: Office for National Statistics).

Microswift knows the e-commerce business

Entering into e-commerce can be daunting and sometimes result in an unmitigated failure. Why? It must be easy when there are so many companies offering cheap e-commerce soutions? Because there is more to e-commerce than just "e", although getting the technology right often proves more difficult than you're first told. It is vital to acknowledge that the commerce is also different. There is the ... online payment method, product updates, avoidance of channel conflict, shipping method and costs ... We can advise on all these; no-one knows your business better than you but having an expert insight into common issues can be a real advantage.

Getting the technology right

Having the right technology solution from the start, with it integrated into your web site, makes e-commerce so much easier. We can provide a complete off-the-shelf solution or provide a customised one. The thing that will really impress is how straightforward and inexpensive a professional solution can be from us. Don't plunge into this investment without talking to us!