Computer Troubleshooting and Issue Management

At Microswift, our consultants have a broad range of specialist technical expertise which is sometimes called upon by new clients in a crisis, or when other technology professionals require our specialist expertise.  Apart from our structured approach to troubleshooting and years of experience in the industry we also bring our specialist Microsoft and networking experience and certifications to any issue we are called upon to resolve.

We enjoy an excellent track record of success in troubleshooting and issue management, and in addition as we are certified Microsoft and Cisco partners we always have the option to escalate any unresolved issues to our relevant partners. This provides us with the ability to bring the leading product manufacturer specialists to bear on any particularly sticky issues.  

Some typical and common troubleshooting assignments have included:

  • Resolution to an array of E-mail related issues including Exchange and Mailenable;
      "my mail-store is no longer loading" or "why is my e-mail being bounced" 

  • Windows Small Business Server (SBS) issues and fixing mis-configurations;
      "why is logging in so slow now" or "the server crashed and hasn't rebooted" 

  • Windows infrastructure related issues including server 2003, Vista, etc; 
      "the DFS file synchronisation fails" or "the server crashes intermittently"     
  • General networking related issues, and specifically Cisco and Netgear issues;
      "my VOIP has intermittent quality issues" or "my network can be slow at times"