Computer Networks and Wireless

With the recent technical advances wireless networks are now a real alternative to cabling within the office environment, as well as for home-workers. It is not just small businesses that can now benefit, many large FTSE corporates have now adopted wireless within their offices.

Appropriate application and implementation of wireless technology can reduce implementation cost, time, disruption, and provide improved occupancy. Wireless networks can also provide flexible working environments for mobile users, and a data cable free environment for static workstations and perfect for use in environments where cabling options are restricted. However a poorly designed, specified, or implemented wireless network can cause numerous issues, and the above benefits can often not be realised. So although considerable benefits including cost savings are possible they are not automatic. Microswift can provide this level of expertise, and has partnered with Netgear and Cisco to ensure the premier wireless products are available.

  How a wireless network works





A transmitter/receiver called a Wireless Access Point (WAP) is placed in the office. Laptops, PCs etc have a wireless adapter installed and are setup to connect to the the WAP. The wireless network can be connected to an existing cabled network, to act as a high bandwidth backbone.


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