Computer Systems Review & Audit

Microswift offers a range of comprehensive technical reviews and audits, always performed by one or more experienced and qualified technical professionals, and normally overseen by British Computer Society (BCS) Chartered IT Professional, and tailored to the client's circumstances and requirements. 

Sometimes businesses come with specific concerns, but often the review is more general and wide ranging, the underlying objectives are often to compare the current set of systems with best practice, and review whether there are options for making: improvements, cost savings, risk mitigation, etc. 

The reviews or audits will often assess your system in terms of:

  • Overall state of the systems and environment;
  • Server, network, and data security;
  • Application capability review, systems often include finance, ERP, CRM, MRP;
  • Points of systems failure assessment;
  • Current in-house support/development capabilities;
  • Threat protection;
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery capability;
  • Systems and component system's performance;

Although each client can have specific requirements on how the findings are communicated, at the core of each assessment is normally a written report on the status of the systems, documented findings, together with recommendations.

Microswift also offers a free mini-assessment which can be used to assess a specific area of concern, or to provide an overview assessment. 

If you are interested in an assessment, a more specific consulting requirement, or a high-level and strategic review of your entire business IT systems, software and infrastructure then one of our consultants can discuss this with you and suggest a way forward.

Clients Testimonials

  • IT had become a serious operational issue  …  looking back we wonder why we left making the change for so long.
    New Forest Care     - Operations Manager


  • Two years on, after providing responsive support and progressing a number of projects they are one of our most trusted suppliers


  • As a company their service levels are first class whether it’s a minor day to day support issue or the planning and implementation of a major investment project…
    Mia Sports Technology      - Managing Director


  • I’m pleased we have found a knowledgeable and friendly local company who provided just the help we needed at just the right time.

          - IT Services Manager 

  • They have proved more responsive, easy to get along with and dependable... 

    Simply Health    - Operations Manager