Pre-paid pay as you go (PAYG) support

We've invested in our people and systems to providing expert and professional support and services to all of our clients. We receive many ad-hoc enquiries from new clients regarding a range of one off issues, from all aspects of computer networking, to server crashes and related issues, etc.  


Pre-paid PAYG (Pay As You Go) Support  Time is purchased in advance; it is used whenever client assistance is required. A log of calls and associated time consumed is maintained within our CRM system, it is then deducted from the total as it’s required. Time purchased does not expire and can be used whenever it’s required.

Included in PAYG support is:

Local Professional Support Provided within Standard Business Hours:(9:00 - 5:30). A local helpdesk where the majority of calls are resolved on the first call, and straightaway, avoiding the need for queuing and follow-up calls. In the case of an issue not being resolvable straight away then a Support Case will be logged, should the issue require a physical site visit then this will then be arranged.

Secure Remote Access: we have a variety of means to gain secure remote access; so client’s issues can be responded to immediately by remote support when possible.

Clients Testimonials

  • They have proved more responsive, easy to get along with and dependable... 

    Simply Health    - Operations Manager

  • Two years on, after providing responsive support and progressing a number of projects they are one of our most trusted suppliers


  • As a company their service levels are first class whether it’s a minor day to day support issue or the planning and implementation of a major investment project…
    Mia Sports Technology      - Managing Director


  • IT had become a serious operational issue  …  looking back we wonder why we left making the change for so long.
    New Forest Care     - Operations Manager


  • I’m pleased we have found a knowledgeable and friendly local company who provided just the help we needed at just the right time.

          - IT Services Manager