E-mail Server and Solutions

E-mail is now normally business critical but it remains vulnerable to a growing array of threats. Viruses, worms, denial-of-service attacks, spam, and the need to satisfy a growing set of government regulations and legal actions all make effective messaging security and management increasingly difficult.

The issue is now more prominent than ever, some estimates suggest that up to 95% of all email is spam or viral email, have you considered that a lot of your businesses bandwidth is being consumed by processing this junk mail? Additionally once it reaches your server your I.T resources are then consumed scanning the email for viruses or threats. This issue is costing your employee's time and is utilising network and server bandwidth.

Microswift have answers to these problems. Give us a call to discuss options.

Clients Testimonials

  • I’m pleased we have found a knowledgeable and friendly local company who provided just the help we needed at just the right time.

          - IT Services Manager 

  • As a company their service levels are first class whether it’s a minor day to day support issue or the planning and implementation of a major investment project…
    Mia Sports Technology      - Managing Director


  • IT had become a serious operational issue  …  looking back we wonder why we left making the change for so long.
    New Forest Care     - Operations Manager


  • Two years on, after providing responsive support and progressing a number of projects they are one of our most trusted suppliers


  • They have proved more responsive, easy to get along with and dependable... 

    Simply Health    - Operations Manager